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The story of International Activities Group (IAG), Delta starts in 1988. The family owned company started as of the first manufacturers for organic fertilizers in Egypt. Since then our company has been considered as a leader in the field of fertilization.

Through the years our company has grown in the Egyptian market and has been widening our fields of activity to include producing specialized fertilizers, NPK soluble compound fertilizers, and
bio-pesticides. This is accomplished through our several plants around Egypt.

Our main advantage is that we apply the latest techniques and modern technology and combine it with the vast experience accumulated throughout the years. Therefore, we believe in continuously developing and improving our products to raise their efficiency and also be more environmentally friendly.

As our company has been growing, we have been developing partnerships with top caliber companies in the field around the world. As a result, on the local level, we offer the widest variety of fertilization products. As for the international level, we have a strong presence in the Middle East and we already export to Libya, Sudan, and many other countries.

To lead and revolutionize the agricultural advancement and development in the Middle East.

To ensure better food for the world and contribute to a more sustainable agriculture in the future through the premium quality of the products and services we provide.